Sources: Washington Terrace Part 2: Survival

All online sources accessed February 2017.


Sources are provided in the captions.


Reading Eagle, “POW No 92991: The Story of a Reading Native’s Survival in World War II” by Ron Devlin.
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New York Sun, 7 Apr 1945, “Sergeants in a German Prison Saw Men Fight for Unfit Food.”
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New York Times, 28 Mar 1945, “Allies Sunder Foe.”
New York Times, 29 Mar 1945, “1,000 Bare Backs Spelling ‘POW’ Save Allied Prisoners from Fliers.”
New York Times, 17 May 1945, “Freed Yank Hails Near-Miracles of 2 U.S. Doctors in Prison Camp.”
New York Times, 30 Oct 1945, “Advertising News.”
New York Times, 6 Jul 1947, “Mrs. M.L. Beardsless to Wed.”
New York Times, 11 Jan 1965, “Arthur Vigeland, A Magazine Ad Man.”
New York Times, 11 Jan 1965, “Vigeland.”

Public Records 

Accessed via
New York State Census, 1925
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File, 1850-2010
U.S. Federal Census, 1930
U.S. Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014
U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946
World War II Prisoners of War, 1941-1946

Websites, “Concentration Camps and POW Camps Liberated.”, “Battle of the Bulge Articles.”, “Stalag XII-A.” The British Airborne Forces 1940-1945, “Stalag XIIA.”, “War and Prison – Battle of the Bulge” by Milton Wassgren., “Arthur Wigeland.”

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