Sources: Washington Terrace, Part 1: Murders

All online sources were accessed in February 2017.

Government Publications

United State Department of State/Papers Relating to the foreign relations of the United States, with the annual message of the president transmitted to Congress, 6 Dec 1904, Accessed via

Papers Relating to the Foreign Relation of the United States, U.S. Government Printing Office, 1905. "Murder of Charles W. Renton." Accessed via Google books. "Commander C.H. Davis to the Secretary of the Navy sent from U.S.S. Montgomery (at sea), 20 Mar 1895."

Reports of International Arbitral Awards, General Claims Commission (Agreement of Sept 8, 1923), Accessed via United Nations (

Public Records accessed via

England and Wales, Civil Registration Birth Index, 1842 (Renton)
1875 New York State Census (Mattison)
U.S. Naturalized Records Index, 3 Nov 1879 (Renton)
1880 Federal Census (Mattison, Renton, Squier)
New York, State and Federal Naturalization Records, 10 Aug 1892 (Washington)
1900 Federal Census (Dease, Miller)
1915 New York State Census (Washington)
1920 Federal Census (Washington, Wigeland)


Ancestry, Member Family Tree (Dinah Monk, wife of Charles Renton)
Forgotten New York, 28 Dec 2013, "Washington Terrace, Washington Heights."
Inflation Calculator


Photos credited in captions.

Periodicals via online repositories

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 30 Jul 1907
Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 5 Aug 1907, "Slain Girl Identified: Ella Miller Renton."
Christian Republican, 9 Sept 1887, "Chatham Centre."
East Hampton Star, 2 Aug 1907, "Strangler Escapes."
Havana Journal, 21 Feb 1885.
Medina Daily Journal, 1907.
New York Herald 2 Nov 1895, "Says Spies Follow Her."
New York Herald, 25 May 1902, "Unfurnished."
New York Herald, 30 Sep 1906, "Society."
New York Herald, 6 Aug 1907, "Girl's Fury Led to Slaying, Is Theory."
New York Herald, 21 Apr 1907, "Society."
New York Herald, 3 May 1907, "Obituary Notes."
New York Times 18 Feb 1885, "Likely to Die from his Folly."
New York Times, 18 Apr 1888, "Death of E.G. Squier."
New York Times 31 Mar 1895, "Her Claim Against Honduras."
New York Times, 27 Jun 1895
New York Times, 24 Jul 1907, "Calls Stepdaughter Insane."
New York Times, 31 Jul 1907, "Woman Strangled, Found in Areaway."
New York Times 1 Aug 1907, "Police Get a Clue in Strangling Case."
New York Times, 2 Aug 1907, "Police are at Sea in Strangling Case."
New York Times, 6 Aug 1907, "Murdered Girl's Mind Weak."
New York Times, 7 Aug 1907, "Slain Girl's Life Held a Tragedy."
New York Times 13 Jul 1953, "About New York: Many Streets are not Owned by the City."
Patterson Morning Call, 31 July 1907, "Strangler's Fell Work."
Richfield Springs Daily, 3 Jul 1906
Sun, 31 Jul 1907.
Sun, 5 Aug 1907, "Murdered Girl had Money."
Sun, 6 Aug 1907, "The Fate of Ella Renton."
Troy Times, 26 Sep 1907, "Daughters of America."
Utica Observer, 13 Aug 1907, "Gang Vowed Vengence."
Washington Post, 5 Aug, 1907, "Slain Girl an Heiress."
Washington Post, 16 Oct 1911, "Priest's Body in Trunk."
Watkins Democrat, 18 Feb 1885.
Watkins Express, 19 Jun 1902.
World, 30 Mar 1895, "Honduras Must Pay."


Fortune, Fame, and Desire: Promoting Self in the Long Nineteenth Century by Sharon Hartman Strom, Rowman and Littlefield, 2016. Via Google books.

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